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Capacity Building


Capacity building as a means in which individuals’ and local organization’s abilities to carry out activities are strengthened. This project also views the organization in terms of its ability and strength to survive, become self-sustaining and fulfill its purpose for which it was established. Capacity building initiatives focus on; - Federation legitimacy and recognition, Identity and vision, systems and procedures, performance and results and networking which are critical for the Federation’s being, doing and relating.
Approaches like; exchange visits, meetings, peer reviews, trainings, mentoring, and coaching have been implored to ensure capacity enhancement for the federation.
Experience working with marginalized groups shows that they learn more when they see and are given chance and space to practice what they have seen as this has the inbuilt advantage of responsibility transfer.
Mentoring and coaching have been employed to improve their learning abilities in a practical way.
Peer reviews and exchange visits have been conducted with sister organizations implementing similar projects to enhance shared learning.
Trainings in various programme management concepts like planning, implementation, monitoring and Evaluation, resource mobilization, human resource management, and enterprise risk management and lobbying and advocacy have been conducted and attended by both federation board and staff. Staff who were found wanting in some specific technical aspects were given opportunities by the Federation to go for short courses to improve in those areas and serve the Federation better.

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