Busia Area Communities Federation (BUACOFE) is a child and youth focused indigenous Non Governmental Organization (NGO) which started operating in 2008 as registered entity supported by ChildFund International. It is located in southeastern Uganda 122 miles from the capital, Kampala. BUACOFE is comprised of three (3) community based organizations of Buyengo, Buhasaba and Buhenye which serve five sub counties of; - Dabani, Masinya, Buhehe, Lumino and Majanja found in Busia District.

Aspirations & Management Composition

BUACOFE’s mission is “to promote a long term change in social and economic development of communities through partnership with different stake holders.  The organization is headed by an executive board comprising of 11 members elected by the delegate’s assembly with a Board Chairperson as the head. On the technical wing, it’s headed by Federation manager, supported by program officers, finance officer at area level and Community Development Facilitators at Sub county and parish level.  The technical team works closely with community selected volunteers who are residents of the communities of operation charged with the responsibility of mobilizing target project beneficiaries.

Busia at A Glance

Busia District borders Kenya on the east and is a major transport corridor with heavy commercial traffic in both directions. Extreme poverty and food insecurity, especially among women widowed by war and HIV/AIDS, have fueled prostitution with commercial truck drivers who spend the night in the district before crossing the border. The HIV/AIDS prevalence is 16 percent, considerably higher than the national average of 5.4 percent. AIDS related deaths among young adults have left many orphaned children to be cared for by surviving family members, orphanages, or to fend for themselves. The 3 rural communities BUACOFE works with have an estimated population of 20,000, most of whom are Bantu and Luo speakers. Subsistence agriculture, fishing, and minor trading are the primary economic activities. Annual per capita income is estimated to be US $154; the national average is US $300.

Our Vision

A community where children grow to their full potential

Our Mission

To promote a long term change in social and economic development of communities through partnership with different stake holders

Annual Reports

Annual Report - 2018

Annual Report - 2017

Annual Report - 2016

Annual Report - 2015


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Children need protection, support and care at each stage of childhood to stay safe, healthy, learning and on track to achieve their potential. ChildFund works with BUACOFE to help create safe environments children in Busia need to thrive

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